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About Me

As a DESIGN-MINDED photographic editor, I find myself drawn to magazines with a focus on visual content and a design that speaks up for itself. I believe in the viceral power of IMAGES which, when paired with design that makes a STATEMENT can radically alter a person's mood, their ideas or the world at large. some of my favorite publications, such as rack and royal, I have never even seen on paper. the imagery translates through digital MEDIA with a strength and power that once was reserved exclusively for print. I enjoy straddling both worlds, as it is in the in-between spaces that innovation can truly take hold. I hold a B.A. in studio ART and an M.A. in photojournalism and have spent the last eight years developing my eye for the visual in a variety of EDITING and production positions. I have taught classes and taken them and through every headache and frustration new access to the incredible CREATIVE power of the digital age has been afforded me. I look forward to continuing the journey. here are a few examples of the work I have been doing for the last two years.

Art Director

At Corbis I had the great pleasure of working with some of the world’s best photographers as an Art Director. The most important part of this process for me was the focus on interaction with each image-maker, guiding their visions and providing ideas from which they could branch out creatively. I was able to see some of their work through to eventual publication in Glamour, Vogue, National Geographic, Nylon and others. As an Art Director I was responsible for producing shoot concepts and writing creative briefs, working with the photographers to cast each shoot and to find and book locations. My primary responsibility, in addition to approving and managing the overall look and feel of each shoot, was to edit all raw materials in accordance with the specific needs of the company. I worked to actively negotiate contracts and apply budgets, managed creative teams and individuals, managed and directed photo shoots, edited images online and in print and worked with the creative and marketing teams to craft online branding campaigns. Below are just a few links to some of the photographers I had the good fortune to work with on projects displayed at

Prosper Magazine
Photo Editor

The best thing about working EXCLUSIVELY as a photo editor is that is that it has left me free to focus on that which I love best; the NAKED POWER OF pictures. although a regional business magazine with only 35,000 in circulation, prosper underwent a complete REDESIGN during my tenure as photo editor. I was priveleged to work with an amazing art director and editorial team to produce a magazine that won the FOLIO 2007 AWARD for the "Best Re-design" category. FREEDOM from editorial responsibilities offered me the opportunity to spend more time styling and art directing photo shoots as well as finding and managing a large staff of world-class freelancers whose work has graced the pages of FASHION magazines, the cover of newsweek, national geographic and other stellar publications. not many start-ups have access to this kind of talent and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such great artists. in addition to ART DIRECTING and styling shoots, I was able to work creatively with web-based publishing and interactive media as well as static print imagery. I was also able to develop creative shoot packages from start to finish, including editing, signigicant retouching and post-production and acting as LIASON between clients and over 40 amazing PHOTOGRAPHERS.

Natomas Journal
Photo Editor/Associate Editor

As the lifestyle and features editor of the natomas journal, I was simultaneously blessed and cursed with the responsibility of managing the PRODUCTION of an entire publication every month. With a circulation of 25,000 this small lifestyle magazine INSERT was mine to rework. prior to this position I hadn't paid much attention TO PRINT design and had no idea how integral design was to the process of editing images. at a small community newspaper, with little access to the type of photography I love, I was able to really develop my eye in terms other than those DICTATED by the PHOTOGRAPHIC image. I was able to work with dante creative group and designer drew newbold to redesign and update both the look and feel of the magazine, as well as redirect some of the content. I had the chance to develop a fashion section and to participate creatively in every aspect of the section's creation from contacting writers and photographers with story CONCEPTS to styling and art directing shoots and the eventual DESIGN of the page. my time at the Journal IGNITED a passion for design and for the imagery of slicker formats. In effect, these examples are the beginning of what would become a solid passion for the editing of visual material and PHOTOGRAPHY created for magazines.

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